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Asset Investment Management

Critical Infrastructure Planning to Mobilize the Entire Team

There is over 2.5 million miles of underground natural gas pipeline in the U.S. Nearly every utility is under some form of accelerated replacement program for aging pipelines spending $22 billion annually to enhance safety and reduce methane emissions. With utility increased investment needs, state regulators are increasing their demands for greater transparency, improved investment prioritization, and lower unit costs.


FPH can enhance your asset maintenance and investment delivery plans by integrating quality assurance and lessons-learned processes with proven utilities capital project best practices including stage gate methodology, cross-functional operating reviews, and performance dashboards. We can identify resource needs and capabilities to better engage engineering, operations, planning, and project management teams.

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Performance Management | Deployment

Clear Line of Sight - Bold. Balanced. Few.

Many front-line employees receive dozens of high-priority messages -- some complementary, some competing. Performance management for modern-day energy firms must be bold yet balanced to comply with public safety requirements, meet customer expectations, and create shareholder value. This “balance” can manifest conflicting messages and metrics making it difficult for employees to discern what metrics they should focus on.


FPH partners with leadership teams using a systematic Lean management process that prioritizes and cascades metrics to the front line without picking up additional items along the way. Once the corporate-level scorecard is aligned with manager-specific metrics, we help implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act cadence that results in monthly, weekly, and even daily reviews to enable leaders to focus teams on the most vital priorities that they can actually influence.

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Leadership Development

Leader-to-Leader Coaching – Practical. Relatable. Experienced.

The energy industry has experienced significant change over the past decade with new technologies, aggressive regulatory policies, and investor demands for greater certainty. The rate and dimension of change for utilities is far greater than it ever has been and is as slow today than it ever will be.


Consider 2020. The world was abruptly confronted with a pandemic that continues to create unprecedented change while ushering in new ways for leaders to connect with their teams. The nation was also sadly reminded of the malicious injustice that still exists as we watched George Floyd take his final breath under the knee of bigoted authority.

These health and social issues directly influence American businesses and today’s utility leaders and those of the future must become outstanding leaders of change. They must be ambassadors of diversity and inclusion while being supremely competent to lead America’s essential and evolving energy services.


FPH provides over two decades of leadership experience that incorporate real-life learning from being front-line supervisors, team leaders, technical managers, and executives. With access to a network of industry leaders, our goal is to provide practical and relatable leadership lessons to help your company build high performance teams.

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Public Safety | Emergency Response

Operational Confidence - Prevention. Preparedness. Response.

Since 2000, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has collected data on more than 5,700 pipeline incidents deemed serious or significant resulting in 281 fatalities and a cost in current year dollars of $10.4 billion. Since 2015, the industry has experienced the highest 5 year average over the past 20 years.


These major incidents across U.S. natural gas infrastructure have given way to new rules and increased regulatory oversight at state and federal levels. Local distribution companies and pipeline operators must anticipate risks and proactively mitigate them with competent leaders and a comprehensive safety management arsenal to protect employees, customers, and the public.


Safety is the foundation and priority of FPH. Zero incidents is our standard. We work with our customers to achieve that standard through a three-step data-driven process of prevention, preparedness, and response. Prevention is of the greatest importance and our experience in focused self-assessments within the framework of a broad quality assurance program is what drives our safety process and management practice.

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Operations Strategy

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